Get married at 24. Everyone in Korea is surprised. And ask how the hell did you decide to get married so quickly? I didn’t think much at first. However, as I kept answering questions and answering them over and over again, my thoughts were sorted out little by little.



Figure 1: The first column shows images generated by off-the-shelf 2D GANs trained on RGB images only, while the rest show that our method can unsupervisedly reconstruct 3D shape (viewed in 3D mesh, surface normal, and texture) given a single 2D image by exploiting the geometric cues contained in GANs. The last two columns depicts 3D-aware image manipulation effects (rotation and relighting) enabled by our framework. More results are provided in the Appendix.


Hypothesis 1 Instagram posts made by individuals diagnosed with depression can be reliably distinguished from posts made by healthy controls, using only measures extracted computationally from posted photos and associated metadata.

Hypothesis 2 Instagram posts made by depressed individuals prior to the date of first clinical diagnosis can be…


passive measures from smartphone use could be a continuous ecological surrogate for laboratory-based neuropsychological assessment

Generate digital biomarkers correlated with gold-standard neurocognitive tests using passively acquired data during daily use of a smartphone. Method to measure memory and executive function not in the laboratory but in the moment, day-to-day.

How : captured tactile user activity that included swipes, taps, and keystroke events, collectively termed human-computer interactions (HCI)

Limitation : Small size (n=27) relative to the # of potential biomarkers(n=1035)

-> how to overcome? : LOOCV( leave-one-out cross validation)

Fig. 1 A blue square represents a participant test Z-score normed to the 27 participant scores and a red circle represents the digital biomarker prediction Z-score normed to the 27 predictions. Test scores and predictions shown are a digits backward, b symbol digit modality, c animal fluency, d Wechsler memory Scale-3rd Edition (WMS-III) logical memory (delayed free recall), e brief visuospatial memory test (delayed free
recall), and f Wechsler adult intelligence scale-4th Edition (WAIS-IV) block design


Background: Recent research in Japan and Taiwan has found that the volume of Internet searches each month on Google for suicide-related terms is sometimes associated with the monthly suicide rate. The present study sought to examine whether this association between suicide rates and Google searches for suicide are found over regions.

Methods: Suicide rates in the state of America in 2009 were examined for their association with search volume on Google for ‘‘commit suicide,’’ ‘‘how to suicide’’ and ‘‘suicide prevention.’’

Results: Suicide rates for the 50 American states were positively associated with the search volume for all three terms.

Conclusions: Internet searches for suicide may provide a faster way of monitoring possible trends in suicide than waiting for central governments to compile suicide statistics.


A passionate individual who strives to reveal the mind functioning through computational neuroscience and humanities study

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